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The Winner Will Recieve The Following:

PULSE Viral Video Contest




How to Enter:

1. Buy Pulse!
2. Create your own viral video
3. Upload to, and any other video sharing networks
4. Link as a video response to my viral video
5. Email me to confirm that it is up and functional
6. Spread the word and get as many views as possible!

How to Win:

Have the video with the most views by August 31! The winner's books will be sent out shortly after.


There are no rules... How can this be? You can do anything you want in your videos as long as it adheres to YouTube's Terms of Service. I am not exempting anyone from the contest - friends and/or family can enter! But I will not be helping anyone with the video (so don't ask).


Antarktos Rising
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Buy From Amazon
The Doomsday Key
The Paris Vendetta
MEG: Hell's Aquarium
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Buy From Amazon
Buy From Amazon
The Atlantis Prophecy
Personal Effects: Dark Art
Freezing Point
Buy From Amazon
Buy From Amazon
Buy From Amazon
The Shroud of Heaven
House of Wolves
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Buy From Amazon




SIGNED COPIES of these books have been graciously donated:

James Rollins - The Doomsday Key
Steve Berry - The Paris Vendetta ARC
Steve Alten - MEG: Hell's Aquarium
Thomas Greanias - The Atlantis Prophecy
JC Hutchins - Personal Effects: Dark Art
Karen Dionne - Freezing Point
Scott Sigler - VERY RARE: UK paperback of Infected and Australian trade paperback of Contagious
Joseph Flynn - The President's Henchman
Sean Ellis - The Shroud of Heaven
Matthew Bronleewe - House of Wolves
Matthew Bronleewe - Illuminated

SIGNED COPIES of My books, including:

• Pulse Hardcover
• Pulse ARC
• Antarktos Rising
• Kronos
• Raising the Past
• The Didymus Contingency
• The Didymus Contingency - Bulgarian
• Antarktos Rising - Spanish
• The Screenplay Workbook

Also, these books from my personal collection:

Stel Pavlou - Decipher
David Lynn Golemon - Ancients
David Lynn Golemon - Legend
David Lynn Golemon - Event
AJ Tata - Sudden Threat
Sean Young - Violent Sands
David Michaels, Daniel Brenton - Red Moon
Seth Harwood - Jack Wakes Up
David Moody - Hater


• Logitech QuickCam

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