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Instinct by Jeremy Robinson

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Instinct, the second book in the Chess Team Series, has been praised by Stephen Coonts, David Lynn Golemon, and Thomas Greanias.

Beneath by Jeremy Robinson

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This special edition of Beneath is only available as a $2.99 e-book (Kindle!) or a free audiobook.


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Pulse has been endorsed by some of the biggest and best authors and reviewers, including James Rollins, Steve Berry, Jeff Long and Scott Sigler.


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Kronos is a deep sea thriller featuring a massive new monster and an "amazing twist." Available now.

Antarktos Rising

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Check out the new, improved and cheaper ($7.99) mass market edition of Antarktos Rising. It came out AMAZING!

Raising The Past

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The Didymus Contingency

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Jeremy Robinson's Video Blog


I'm often asked what books/authors I would recommend from readers who have read all of my books and are looking for more good reads. If you're one of those folks and are looking for a good read, I have provided  my top 40 picks for novels by some of my favorite authors. Enjoy.

1. The Descent by Jeff Long
2. Deeper by Jeff Long
3. Amazonia by James Rollins
4. The Relic by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
5. Angels & Demons by Dan Brown
6. Deep Fathom by James Rollins
7. Subterranean by James Rollins
8. MEG by Steve Alten
9. The Loch by Steve Alten
10. Year Zero by Jeff Long
11. Ice Station by Matthew Reilly
12. Temple by Matthew Reilly
13. Scarecrow by Matthew Reilly
14. MEG - Hell's Aquarium by Steve Alten
15. Ancestor by Scott Sigler
16. Earthcore by Scott Sigler
17. Creepers by David Morrell
18. First Blood by David Morrell
19. The Last Oracle by James Rollins
20. Black Order by James Rollins
21. This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti
22. Piercing the Darkness by Frank Peretti
23. Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton
24. The Lost World by Michael Crichton
25. Prey by Michael Crichton
26. Deep Storm by Lincoln Child
27. The Codex by Douglas Preston
28. Tyrannosaur Canyon by Douglas Preston
29. Deep Fathom by James Rollins
30. Excavation by James Rollins
31. Shadowfall by James Clemens
32. Hinterland by James Clemens
33. Decipher by Stel Pavlou
34. The Amber Room by Steve Berry
35. Digital Fortress by Dan Brown
36. Bestiary by Robert Masello
37. The Eye of the Tiger by Wilbur Smith
38. Vigil by Robert Masello
39. Reliquary by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
40. Deception Point by Dan Brown

Check out the video trailers and viral videos from my YouTube channel, or click here to visit my channel on YouTube.com


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


INSTINCT is my most highly praised and best novel to date. We're once again following the exploits of the Chess Team, who are still super bad-ass, but I put them through the ringer with this one. Even if the series goes on for 20 books, some of the scars received in INSTINCT will still be visible. So check it out and prepare for an insane, dark and thrilling ride.

Buy it at B&N. Buy is on Amazon.

Here's what the story is about:

The president of the United States is dead—assassinated by a weaponized strain of the Brugada Syndrome, a genetic disease that kills without symptom. Without warning. The infected fall over dead, their healthy hearts stopped. Thankfully, the fast actions of the Secret Service revive the President. But the assassination attempt was just the beginning. The contagious new strain spreads silently across the United States. Within weeks, the human race will be on the brink of extinction.

The coming pandemic thrusts Jack Sigler, call sign King, and his “Chess Team”—Queen, Rook, Bishop and Knight—into a frantic search for the disease’s origin, and hopefully, a vaccine. Accompanying them are Sara Fogg, a CDC disease detective and Somi Syha, an undercover CIA field agent in the remote region the team must infiltrate—Vietnam’s Annamite mountain range.

With biologists routinely discovering large, new mammal species in the Annamites, the region has been called a modern day Noah’s Ark. But to those who live there, the dark jungles and harsh terrain laden with Vietnam War era landmines is regarded as a land of death—where plagues are born and killers reside.

As the Chess Team returns American boots to the Ho Chi Minh trail they find the Death Volunteers—Vietnamese Special Forces—waiting for them. Pursued through the jungle, underground tunnel systems and ancient ruins from a time before human settlement, the team receives a warning from the lone survivor of a slaughtered village. “Nquoi Rung,” the old woman whispers. “Nquoi Rung.”

An ancient evil hunts the team, and while it won’t let them leave the jungle alive, it may just hold the key to saving the human race.

Jeremy Robinson pulls no punches in his second installment of the Chess Team series, combining adrenaline-rush action with smart science, ancient legends and stunning locations.

"If you like thrillers original, unpredictable and chock-full of action, you are going to love Jeremy Robinson's Chess Team. INSTINCT riveted me to my chair."
--Stephen Coonts, NY Times bestselling author of THE DISCIPLE and DEEP BLACK: ARCTIC GOLD

"Robinson’s slam-bang second Chess Team thriller [is a] a wildly inventive yarn that reads as well on the page as it would play on a computer screen."
--Publisher's Weekly

"Intense and full of riveting plot twists, it is Robinson’s best book yet, and it should secure a place for the Chess Team on the A-list of thriller fans who like the over-the-top style of James Rollins and Matthew Reilly."

"Jeremy Robinson has done it again. INSTINCT is a knock-down, thought inducing, all-out-thrill-fest with enough testosterone to put hair on even the wimpiest of chests. The Chess Team is back and once again they’ll travel to the ends of the earth in an effort to save it. "

"Jeremy Robinson is a fresh new face in adventure writing and will make a mark in suspense for years to come."
--David Lynn Golemon, NY Times bestselling author of LEGEND and EVENT

"Instinct is a jungle fever of raw adrenaline that goes straight for the jugular."
--Thomas Greanias, NY Times bestselling author of THE ATLANTIS PROPHECY and THE PROMISED WAR

"The action and the pacing were spot on with spills, chills and surprises throughout. Thriller fans get ready because Jeremy Robinson is the next A List Thriller writer!"--Megalith Book Review

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Monday, March 29, 2010

"How should I market my book?"

I think this is the most common question I'm asked by authors. And there is no easy answer. The list of potential marketing techniques is vast and there are books dedicated to the subject (don't ask me what they are, scan around and find what fits you best). So when I talk about HOW you should market your book, I'm not talking technique. Forget viral videos, listmania lists, podcasts, and the million other possibilities available to you and prepare for some three point wax on, wax off, goodness.

1. Innovation

Forget what the marketing books say, come up with your own brilliant scheme. That's not to say you should ignore tried and true marketing, but you should innovate your own methods for your book. Here's some examples of things I've done int he past--some of which are mainstream marketing now.

• Book trailer: when I made my first there were very few other book trailers being used as marketing vehicles.

• Viral Video: To my knowledge I was the second author to create a viral video to promote a novel. I was certainly the first author to create TEN viral videos. They've been viewed more than 300,000 times.

• Virtual Book Signing: I was one of the first authors to do this, and was absolutely the first to officially partner with Skype.

That's just three of many strategies I've tried. Did they all work? I'm not going to say. What doesn't work for me may work for you. The point is, try something new. As a fiction author it's nearly impossible to get press, but every time I try a new marketing technique I get lots of press coverage. So there are side benefits to trying something new, even if it doesn't work.

2. Dedication

What ever you pick, stick with it. Don't give up half way through. Be committed and see it through. I see a lot of authors take up a marketing project with lots of excitement only to let it drop when the commitment becomes too large. Don't start a podcast novel if you can't see it through. Don't promise a viral video campaign and fail to deliver. You get the point. If you put something out for public consumption, finish it. Not doing so could actually harm your efforts.

For example, last year I launched a contest for the hard cover release of PULE. I created a viral video and asked fans to create their own. The winner would get an AMAZING prize package of signed novels donated by authors. How did it turn out? Two people entered. I could have let it drop and fade away, apologizing to the two entrants, but I didn't. I saw it through to the end and ended up paying $250 to ship the prize package to NEW ZEALAND! But those two entrants were thrilled and have been spreading the word about my books since. Who knows what they would have said if I pulled out.

3. Fearlessness

One of the best compliments I've got as an author was from Scott Sigler. He called me fearless because I'm willing to try anything. I've made a fool of myself on several occasions and will continue to do so. Of course, being fearless doesn't mean you have to make a fool of yourself. That's just my personality. I'm a little loco, especially when I've got a video camera.

You might be camera shy. You might be afraid of public speaking. You might have a fear of technology. Get. Over. It.

I took a public speaking class in college. I hated every second of it and spent ten minutes before every class in the bathroom. It's the closest I've experienced to sheer terror. But I forced my way through it and got an astonishing A+ (I think the prof was being merciful--did I mention I did my final presentation with my fly down? I won brownie points with the jocks in the class who thought I did it on purpose--but I will forever check my fly before getting up in front of people).

Anywho, I have gone on to do many signings, workshops and lectures since publishing my books. I'm at a point now where a group of 30 people hardly phases me. My new found tolerance for public speaking was challenged last summer when I was a Panel Master at Thrillerfest, but once again I made it through. I could have said "no" to all these things and stayed in my comfortable bubble, but I didn't. And you can't afford to, either. You're in the trenches of self-promotion. If you don't get out and charge the front line you're going to get rolled over. Cheesy analogy? Maybe. But accurate.

So when you think about HOW you need to market, don't just think about what you need to do, think about the intensity with which you will complete the task. Will you innovate something new? Will you dedicate yourself and see it through? Will you face your fears and conquer them? If not, well, I'm going to. Your competition is going to. So take some marketing, wax it on, wax it off and repeat until you can do it on reflex. If it can make Ralph Machio a force to be reckoned with, it can help you sell a few books.

-- Jeremy Robinson

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Monday, March 15, 2010

PULSE is now out in mass market format, which means its more affordable than ever ($7.99). Snag it now and get caught up with the Chess Team in time for INSTINCT (April 13). Think about it, you can either go eat at McDonald's, which takes what, 20 minutes. Then you can feel sick for an hour, then feel fat, then depressed.

OR you can get PULSE, be entertained for eight hours, lose weight (you won't be getting up to eat) and feel better about yourself AND have a smile on your face because the book is so fun. So what will it be? The choice is yours. Fat and depressed or healthy and happy.

How's that for a thriller novel pitch?

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I don't know about you all, but I've been looking forward to 7th SON by J.C. Hutchins since I had the privilege of reading and blurbing his last novel, PERSONAL EFFECTS: DARK ART. As you can see, the cover is amazing and the story (which is also available as a 100% free podcast novel at www.jchutchins.net).

And if all that wasn't enough to convince you this novel is worth sinking your teeth into, check out this FREE 10 chapter sample in PDF format. Be warned, if you open that PDF you'll end up shelling out $10 (at Amazon) for the book.

-- Jeremy

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Okay, so ThinkHero.com is a website I frequent for reviews of my favorite (sci-fi, horror, super hero) movies, TV shows, video games, etc...but they had never done a novel before. So, naturally, I suggested it and they agreed. The book was read and reviewed by Beckett, who I now know has exceptional taste. Thanks to Beckett and Dennis at ThinkHero for making this happen.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

The first entry in the PULSE Viral Video Contest has come in and it’s great. Subtle, entertaining and a subject bound to attract viewers. You can view it below (all entries will go on my blog). SO, for those of you planning to enter, and I know there are a bunch, you better do it soon! This video has a head start with 71 views at the time I’m writing this. If you wait too much longer it’s going to be hard to catch.

For contest details and to see my viral video, click here.

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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

FINAL episode of the FREE Kronos podcast novel/audiobook is now available.

Episode 14, the FINAL EPISODE of the FREE Kronos podcast novel is up and available for download. Check it out!

Episode summary: The shocking and brutal climax of Kronos!

Download from my website.
Download/Subscribe at Podiobooks.com
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Friday, May 15, 2009


Click here to check out Claws on Amazon.

Jeremy, thanks so much for the opportunity to guest blog at your place about my new novel CLAWS. Not only are you a tremendously gifted writer, but you’re tremendously generous as well. Thanks so very much.

So what is CLAWS?

CLAWS is a thriller that centers on a wildlife biologist named Angie Rippard who is drawn into a police investigation when two of her students at the University of Arizona are found dead on a golf course early one morning. Rippard suspects the teens were killed by a large mountain lion.

If you’re a fan of Michael Crichton, Steve Alten, Scott Sigler, or Lincoln Child, you’ll find a lot to like in CLAWS. I love those writers, and my book was born out of a love for the kinds of thrillers these great writers create.

I am currently kicking off a 45-day blog tour to promote CLAWS, and have been absolutely astonished by the good will of bestselling writers who have given me a spot to guest blog about my little-engine-that-could novel.

So the topic of today’s guest blog: What are your favorite novels?

What are the books that you return to time and time again over the years? And why?

For me, I have probably read Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park and Sphere more than any other novels. My copy of Jurassic Park is absolutely falling apart because of how many times I’ve read it. What Crichton seemed to do in that book better than anywhere else in the first part of his career was to wed science, plot, and character together into a compelling brew.

By bringing kids into the center of his story, he created a tenderness and vulnerability that was absent from many of his earlier novels. And let’s face it; it’s a hell of a concept. Maybe the most plausible (and timely) concept of any of his novels up to that point in his career.

So how about you guys? What are some of your favorite novels of all time and why?

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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Episode 10 of the FREE Kronos Audiobook/Podcast Novel is Up!

Episode 10 of the FREE Kronos podcast novel is up and available for download. Check it out!

Episode summary: In the wake of Atticus's startling discovery, alliances melt down and aggression ratchets up. Who can be trusted and who is the true enemy is put to the test.

Download from my website.
Download/Subscribe at Podiobooks.com
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Friday, April 17, 2009

New Episode of Kronos - Free Audiobook - is Up!

Episode 8 of the FREE Kronos podcast novel is up and available for download. Check it out!

O'shea gives Atticus a tip that results in a showdown between Atticus and Remus. Andrea makes her way on board the Titan. Atticus and Andrea tend to wounds, physical and emotional. Trevor and Remus add "peeping Tom" to their list of offenses.

Download from my website.
Download/Subscribe at Podiobooks.com
Subscribe to my RSS feed.
Subscribe on iTunes.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Viral Video Contest with AMAZING prize!

Ready to win the most amazing prize a novel reader could wish for? Well, I'm ready to give it to the winner of my new viral video contest. Click here for the details. But in short, here's the deal. Check out my viral video, then make one of your own, featuring PULSE. Link it back to mine and the person who gets the most views on their viral video wins this insane prize (which continues to grow!).

SIGNED COPIES of these books have been graciously donated:

James Rollins - The Doomsday Key
Steve Berry - The Paris Vendetta ARC
Steve Alten - MEG: Hell's Aquarium
Thomas Greanias - The Atlantis Prophecy
JC Hutchins - Personal Effects: Dark Art
Karen Dionne - Freezing Point
Scott Sigler - VERY RARE: UK paperback of Infected and Australian trade paperback of Contagious

SIGNED COPIES of My books, including:

• Pulse Hardcover
• Pulse ARC
• Antarktos Rising
• Kronos
• Raising the Past
• The Didymus Contingency
• The Didymus Contingency - Bulgarian
• Antarktos Rising - Spanish
• The Screenplay Workbook

Also, these books from my personal collection:

Stel Pavlou - Decipher
David Lynn Golemon - Ancients
David Lynn Golemon - Legend
David Lynn Golemon - Event
AJ Tata - Sudden Threat
Joseph Flynn - The President's Henchman
Sean Young - Violent Sands
David Michaels, Daniel Brenton - Red Moon
Seth Harwood - Jack Wakes Up


• Logitech QuickCam

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Episode 7 of KRONOS is up and ready for download. Check it out!

Kronos emerges as the hunt begins. The recovered video of Atticus’s first encounter with Kronos is watched. Andrea makes a bold, life-threatening decision while Atticus and Trevor up the stakes in the plot for revenge.

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Monday, April 06, 2009

For months I have been talking about the podcast novel version of Kronos. Well, it's finally here and the first six episodes are available for download from podiobooks.com. You can also find the download links on my website. While you're there sign up for a subscription and get the next bunch of episodes as soon as they come out. Be sure to rate the book (5 stars please) and forward this to anyone you know who enjoys podcasts or audiobooks. The book is being narrated by Jeff Kafer, 2008 Voicey Award winner for Best New Voice, so you know it's good listening, and the story isn't half-bad either. My personal RSS feeds and iTunes listings will soon be available.

If you are a podcaster, know a podcaster, run a blog or frequent facebook, myspace or Twitter, feel free to download or link to this super cool audio spot for the podcast.

Thanks for listening and for spreading the word!

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Kronos has arrived and is now available to buy on Amazon, Barnes&Noble and everywhere else books are sold!

Based, in part, on the legend of the Great New England Sea Serpent, this is a fast-paced deep sea thriller like no other. Don't believe me? Here's a blurb from Steve Alten, NY Times bestselling author of MEG, MEG - Hell's Aquarium and The Loch, "Moby Dick meets James Bond thriller with an amazing twist!" Alten is a master of the deep sea thriller and I'm thrilled to have his support on the book.

Erik Hollander (the book cover designer) is also the director of the JAWS documentary, The Shark is Still Working, and has interviewed the likes of Stephen Spielberg and M. Night Shyamalan. When he heard the story (and the twist) he was blown away and said, "You've totally reinvented the genre!"

For details on the book including the story summary, video trailer, mini-documentary and reviews click here to visit the Kronos page.

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Video killed the...radio star? Wait, I'm not on the radio. Yeah!

Okay, so, it's a vlog. (Butchered movie quote anyone?)Yes, I now have a vlog (video blog) in addition to the text blog. I'm going to talk about my books, Variance Publishing (which I co-own) and answer questions on camera. Should be interesting and hopefully humerous. Judge for yourself! Here it is:

Here is a synopsis in case you don't have time to watch:

Week 2

•Today's posting was taped 5 months before Stan's birthday (Nov 17th...)
•Updates to website
•KRONOS and THE PRESIDENT'S HENCHMAN are finished up (cover and interior). They will be coming out Jan '09
•Editing 2nd book of the Chess Team (Published by Thomas Dunne/St. Martin's)...
•What is the Chess Team Series? That will have more info later, but book 1 will be released May 26, 2009
•QUESTION: Why are submissions currently closed?
-We are author friendly, and we don't want to waste your time! We have a mostly full schedule through 2010... check back in every few months for updated status on our site
•MEG tooth... Conveniently we are coming out with MEG: Hell's Aquarium, May '09 from Steve Alten
•3rd child on it's way! May be off air a week or two when it happens... just so you know
•Call Of Duty: World at War is a cool game! Breakneck and Germ-X are our screen names
•SEND QUESTIONS you want asked on air... don't get personal, but we will answer them as we get them

Week 1

•The intent of this is to talk about the books being produced along with Variance Developments

•Bio about JR, along with details of his previous books
-The Didymus Contingency
-Formed Breakneck Books, a Print-On-Demand publisher
-Raising the Past

•Formed Variance Publishing
-Created a business plan with Tim Schulte
-Have print runs, no longer POD, books are fully returnable
-ANTARKTOS RISING, first MM Paperback, talked about cover design, was released Oct. 22
-SUDDEN THREAT, first Hard Cover, talked about cover design, to be released Nov. 25

•Tour of the office
-Showcased some of his favorite books/authors (such as Steve Alten, Douglas Preston, Scott Sigler, Matthew Reilly) on his shelves, StarWars toys, and comic books
-Ookla shirt

•He's a nerd, author, and publisher

•ANTARKTOS RISING to be released 2010 as an animated feature film!

Also new is the video trailer for KRONOS. This is my best video trailer yet and it really captures feel of the book, which is coming out in January. Also, be sure to check out the cover. It's AMAZING.

KRONOS is now available for pre-order so snag it on Amazon...OR order a bunch of copies from B&N or Borders, then when it comes out, pick up just one. They'll have to shelve the others. Turn them face out! BWA HAAHAHA!

-- Jeremy

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Friday, December 28, 2007

For those that read the blog, I have moved my blogging home to myspace. While the blog there isn't quite as pretty the bonus of having all the myspace content attached is awesome. Plus, the exposure there is much higher and my number of readers has significantly increased. SO, to see the new blog and keep up to date on what's going down with my books head on over to my myspace page and check it out (along with all the other primo content!)

FYI, this will probably be my last post on this blog.

-- Jeremy Robinson

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Today is the day! Antarktos Rising is out and the bestseller campaign is officially underway! So head on over to Amazon.com between 12 noon and 1pm Eastern time, using the link below, and pick up your copy! Better yet, pick up copies for every novel reader you know. Take care of upcoming birthdays and next Christmas all at once! If you cannot by the book at that time, still buy it on the 1st (or even at a later date if necessary). It will still help! *There is a good chance Amazon will run out of stock, but order anyway. The book will go out within days (even if Amazon says it will take 4 - 6 weeks). Here's the link.

Buy Antarktos Rising - A Novel here!

Please forward this e-mail to everyone you know...on the planet! As an underdog in the publishing world I need all the help I can get! Hitting the Amazon.com bestseller list will help change that, but I can't do it without you. Assuming you all will forward the heck out of this e-mail, I've provided links to two advanced reviews along with the newly updated video trailer—for those unfamiliar with the book. I've also provided a "time-zone buy time chart" for folks not on the East coast.

As always, thanks for your help! Any success I achieve now or in the future is thanks to you.

Jeremy Robinson

PS - If you want to check on how the book is doing, please don't use the Amazon product page. Looking at the page over and over without making a purchase actually hurts the sales rank. If you want to check up on the rankings, please use my Amazon profile page here.

== POD Critic Review ==

== PODler Review ==

The New Video Trailer!

Time Zone Buy Time Chart

Eastern buy time: 12PM - 1PM
Central buy time: 11AM - 12PM
Mountain buy time: 10AM - 11AM
Pacific buy time: 9AM - 10AM
Alaska buy time: 8AM - 9AM
Hawaii buy time: 7AM - 8AM

"Apocalypse comes to Antarctica. Jeremy Robinson balances Biblical speculation upon a dagger-edge of suspense and adventure. With Antarktos Rising , Robinson opens a new dark continent of terror. Trespass at your own risk." -- James Rollins, New York Times bestselling author of Black Order and The Judas Strain

"An awesome journey into the beating heart of a legend. Jules Verne would be proud." -- Stel Pavlou, bestselling author of DECIPHER and GENE

A fast-paced chiller that delves into new possibilities about our future...and past."
--Steve Alten, best-selling author of MEG and The SHELL GAME

"How do you find an original story idea in the crowded action-thriller genre? Two words: Jeremy Robinson. Antartkos combines history, science and myth about Antarctica to create a jaw-dropping concept so real it will have you Googling like mad to learn more after the story is finished." -- Scott Sigler, bestselling author of ANCESTOR and EARTHCORE

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Monday, July 30, 2007

Greetings everyone!

We’re at the end of the road, folks. This is the FINAL video in the Antarktos Rising/Amazon.com bestseller campaign. In this video I explain the campaign to the viewer, but much of the abuse I suffered throughout the campaign is played out again as I’m hit, flick, sprayed, exposed to harmful gases and on the receiving end of several gallons of water. So it’s informative and funny!

Now before you watch the video, lets go over a few things.

1. Antarktos Rising comes out on August 1st. That’s this Wednesday. So plan on buying the book on Wednesday.

2. But don’t just buy the book on the 1st, buy it between 12 noon and 1pm, eastern time. Amazon compiles their sales rank hourly, so a spike in sales in a single hour will make the most difference. If you can’t do this, your purchase throughout the day will still help, so don’t give up if you can do these hours. For those not on the US east coast, check out my website for the right time in your US time zone: http://www.jeremyrobinsononline.com/.

3. Think big. Are there any birthdays coming up? Want to get a jump on Christmas? Buy multiple copies as gifts! You’ll get free shipping for buying two and a great gift to give. If you want to know the book is good before buying it, consider the blurbs from James Rollins, Steve Alten, Stel Pavlou and Scott Sigler. These guys don’t give out endorsements lightly. Also, check out these two, awesome advance reviews!

Review #1

Review #2

4. If you want to check on the sales rank for Antarktos Rising on the 1st, please do not check it on the book’s product page. Going to the page over and over without buying the book actually hurts the sales rank. If you want to check the rank, visit my Amazon profile page. This page shows all the sales ranks for all of my books.

I think that’s everything. I’ll be sending an e-mail early Wednesday morning with a link to buy the book and a reminder about all this other stuff, so if you have a short memory, I’ve got your back! On with this week’s video!

Thanks for all your help! We’re almost there!

-- Jeremy Robinson

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Monday, June 04, 2007

The catch-phrase for the new Antarktos Rising video marketing campaign is catching on. The first video has been seen 3000 times now in its first week. Not quite "viral" status, but the clicks are still coming through and video #2 is now up!

In addition to the first video doing well, a nice side effect of its release occured. Book sales for Raising the Past and Didymus Contingency rose dramatically on the day of the first video's release and the few days following it. Didymus Contingency became an Amazon Canada bestseller (ranked 47 overall and #1 in its categories) and Raising the Past came in at 100 on Amazon Germany, just squeaking into the bestseller list.

Similar results are happening tonight as well with the release of video #2...which you can watch, right here!

Remember, buy Antarktos Rising on August 1, 2007. Help the little guy stand up to the big guns and make the book an Amazon.com bestseller!

-- Jeremy Robinson

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Monday, May 28, 2007

The first of 10 video ads for the Antarktos Rising Amazon.com Bestseller campaign has been uploaded to the web and is available on Youtube, Digg, Ifilm and Metacafe. This is the first of 10 to be uploaded once a week until August 1, when the book is due out.

Support the book and video campaign, by not only watching the video, but be visiting those sites and giving the ads a 5 star rating! Here's the video:

Check back next Monday for video #2!

-- Jeremy Robinson

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Whoohooo. I just received word from my agent that we received and offer for a two book deal....in Spain. While it's not the big gun US publisher we've been gunning for, it's progress and it's great fun. Didymus Contingency will now be available in four languages. How cool is that? At least I'll be able to read a little bit of this one!

The second book in the deal is undecided, but I would guess it will be Antarktos Rising. It has a religious element to it, like Didymus...and honestly, it's a better book!



On Monday the 28th of this very month I will be releasing the very first video in a 10 episode viral video marketing campaign for Antarktos Rising. These are 1 - 4 minute long, hysterical videos will be released, once a week, for the next ten weeks until August 1--the book's release date. The hardest thing...and some might say the most interesting thing...about these videos is that I'm in every one of them, suffering all sorts of indignities...like having water dumped on me, being cussed out and being kicked...in sensitive areas. I promise, they're funny!

So until Monday, I bid you farewell.

-- Jeremy Robinson

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Thursday, May 03, 2007




What the heck is an Amazon.com bestseller campaign? Here's the deal. I need everyone to buy my book from Amazon.com on August 1, 2007 (the book's official release date). The purpose? If everyone buys the book on August 1, it will be launched to the Amazon bestseller list. Why is this important? Beyond being able to say, "I'm an Amazon.com bestseller," being on the list attracts a lot of attention from readers (which in turn sells more books) the media (which can generate more sales) and from larger publishers (who can make a deal on future books...and sell more books). See where this is going? Basically, it's a good way to get noticed...and sell more books.

Is there a moral reason for taking up the cause? Absolutely! My books are published by Breakneck Books, a small indie publisher and we want to show the corporate publishing giants that the little guy can even the playing field. We're the underdog. This is Smurfette going up against Gargamel and I need a few good Smurfs to join the fight. Help defeat corporate America...at least for a few says. How's that for moral? So smurf the power and buy the book on August 1st!

In the next few weeks I'll be uploading several viral video ads that promote the campaign and a podcast preview of the first six chapters to Antarktos Rising. I'll post links to all of that, once they're available. Thanks for taking up the cause!

-- Jeremy Robinson

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