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The Screenplay Workbook    
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The Screenplay Workbook


"[The Screenplay Workbook] will unlock any mind-vault of a screenwriter, novice or expert."
-- Screenwriter Magazine

"Robinson and Mungovan have provided a powerful means to visual story planning far superior to the note cards that typically clutters a screenwriter's desk."
-- Hollywood Scriptwriter

"A Godsend."
-- Screenwriter Magazine

"Co-written by Jeremy Robinson and Tom Mungovan (a pair of experienced and knowledgeable screenplay writers who currently have two of their own projects currently in pre-production), The Screenplay Workbook: The Writing Before The Writing is a superbly "user friendly" instruction manual to all aspects of writing in the strict screenplay format. In place of an overabundance of instructions and dialogue, The Screenplay Workbook keeps its narrative advice brief and to the point, as well as packing its pages with character development worksheets, character arc worksheets, scene worksheets, plot structure worksheets, and more. The Screenplay Workbook is confidently recommended as an especially useful guide for novice and aspiring screenplay writers looking for organizational and creative tools to craft projects that will succeed in being produced for a viewing public."
-- Midwest Book Review

Reviews/Quotes - "A Godsend."


By Jeremy Robinson and Tom Mungovan, the workbook provides worksheets for screenwriters on subjects such as Concept Creation, Character Creation, Character Arc, Plot Points, Plot Structure, Scene by Scene and a Plot Chart; all of which helps the creative process and The Writing Before The Writing.

Screenwriters can now speed up the creative process while being more organized than ever before (and they might just learn something while they're at it!) From Lone Eagle Publishing, available everywhere, now!



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