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"Reading Jeremy Robinson is dangerous for your sleep pattern. He spins monster yarns so well that you cannot stop turning pages. Giant monsters, creepy islands and writing that is both smart and furious in intensity and pace." -- Famous Monsters of Filmland

"Robinson provides a twist on a classic monster tale, and the result is a fun thrill ride.  He is able to provide the balance between sympathetic characters and beast carnage.  Fans of monster movies from the 50’s will want to read this for sure." -- Author Magazine

[Project Nemesis] turned out to be the first book in years where I read it from cover to cover in just under a day. I kept my eyes peeled on those 250 or so pages as if it was crack! It was just that good! Nemesis is truly a true American Kaiju by every definition. This is a definite must for any fan of the kaiju genre. It gets a full fledged 5/5 rating. -- Kaiju Planet

"If there was any question about Jeremy refusing to grow up, he removes any doubt and drills it home with passionate homage and personal love for the "Saturday Morning" monsters, the likes of Godzilla, in PROJECT NEMESIS.If you're a fan of giant monsters crushing cities—do not miss this one!" --The Novel Blog

"Project Nemesis is a throwback and homage to monster books and movies from years ago as well as a brand new direction for giant monsters, or Kaiju. Robinson keeps the danger and the action ramping up throughout.  The heroes, Hudson and Collins grow as well while they must stay ahead not only of the beast, but its creators.  It all combines to keep the pages flying. This is escapist fun at its best." --Just Another Damn Book Blog



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Jon Hudson, lead investigator for the Department of Homeland Security's Fusion Center-P, thinks his job is a joke. While other Fusion Centers focus on thwarting terrorist activity, Hudson's division is tasked with handling paranormal threats to national security, of which there have been zero during his years at the DHS. When yet another Sasquatch sighting leads to a research facility disguised as an abandoned Nike missile site in the back woods of Maine, Hudson's job becomes deadly serious.

Hudson and the local Sheriff, Ashley Collins, suddenly find themselves on the run from a ruthless ex-Special Forces security team, but the human threat is short-lived as something very much not-human destroys the facility and heads for civilization, leaving only a single clue behind—a name scrawled in blood: Nemesis. Working with his team at Fusion Center-P, Sheriff Collins and a surly helicopter pilot named Woodstock, Hudson pursues the creature known as Nemesis, attempts to uncover the corporate secrets behind its creation and accidental release and tries to comprehend why several clues lead to a murdered little girl named Maigo.

But as the body-count explodes, along with the monster's size, it quickly becomes clear that nothing short of a full military response can slow Nemesis's progress. Coordinating with every branch of the U.S. military, Hudson simultaneously searches for clues about Nemesis's origins and motivations, and leads the counterattack that will hopefully stop the monster before it reaches Boston and its one million residents.

Witness the birth of a legend as Jeremy Robinson, bestselling author of SecondWorld and Ragnarok, combines the pacing of Matthew Reilly with the mystery of James Rollins and creates the first iconic American Kaiju* story since King Kong.

*Kaiju is Japanese for “strange beast.” The genre includes classic monsters such as Godzilla, Gamera, Mothra, Rodan and King Ghidorah.   






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