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POD People


"Robinson has penned the essential guide to self-publishing success in today's market. If you're looking for a way to traverse the challenging world of print-on-demand, consider this book a Hummer with a full tank of gas."

"...a brutally honest look at the Print-On-Demand phenomenon. [Robinson] shares some of his secrets but he also lets you know something you may not want to know and please forgive my crassness - you can't put perfume on crap and expect it to smell good."
-- JC De La Torre, author of Ancient Rising, owner of Luna Brillante Publishing

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"Robinson has penned the essential guide to self-publishing success in today's market." SEE MORE



POD People. Seems like they’re everywhere all of a sudden. Thousands of authors are publishing their books via print-on-demand, but only a very small percentage of them find any kind of success. Why? POD People must not only act as author, but also publisher, advertiser, editor, agent and graphic designer.

The sad truth is that many POD People don’t know what to do when they’re starting out and plunge blindfolded into the publishing world. Most POD books fade into obscurity, selling only a few copies and leaving the author disappointed and in many cases, broke.

This failure is due primarily to the negative POD stigma. Many people avoid self- published books and loathe POD books even more. It’s a harsh reality, but there is hope. Bestselling POD author, Jeremy Robinson, reveals how to beat the POD stigma and make your book stand out.




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