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Instinct, the second book in the Chess Team Series, has been praised by Stephen Coonts, David Lynn Golemon, and Thomas Greanias.

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I'm often asked what books/authors I would recommend from readers who have read all of my books and are looking for more good reads. If you're one of those folks and are looking for a good read, I have provided  my top 40 picks for novels by some of my favorite authors. Enjoy.

1. The Descent by Jeff Long
2. Deeper by Jeff Long
3. Amazonia by James Rollins
4. The Relic by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
5. Angels & Demons by Dan Brown
6. Deep Fathom by James Rollins
7. Subterranean by James Rollins
8. MEG by Steve Alten
9. The Loch by Steve Alten
10. Year Zero by Jeff Long
11. Ice Station by Matthew Reilly
12. Temple by Matthew Reilly
13. Scarecrow by Matthew Reilly
14. MEG - Hell's Aquarium by Steve Alten
15. Ancestor by Scott Sigler
16. Earthcore by Scott Sigler
17. Creepers by David Morrell
18. First Blood by David Morrell
19. The Last Oracle by James Rollins
20. Black Order by James Rollins
21. This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti
22. Piercing the Darkness by Frank Peretti
23. Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton
24. The Lost World by Michael Crichton
25. Prey by Michael Crichton
26. Deep Storm by Lincoln Child
27. The Codex by Douglas Preston
28. Tyrannosaur Canyon by Douglas Preston
29. Deep Fathom by James Rollins
30. Excavation by James Rollins
31. Shadowfall by James Clemens
32. Hinterland by James Clemens
33. Decipher by Stel Pavlou
34. The Amber Room by Steve Berry
35. Digital Fortress by Dan Brown
36. Bestiary by Robert Masello
37. The Eye of the Tiger by Wilbur Smith
38. Vigil by Robert Masello
39. Reliquary by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
40. Deception Point by Dan Brown

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

So did I write the first chapter of From the Deep today? Of course not!

But for good reason...and I did write today. I realized that I had yet to write a synopsis for my last novel, Antarktos Rising, which is being read by my agent. I typically send a synopsis with my manuscripts to him and was kicking myself for leaving one out this time. So I whipped one together today. It's probably the longest synopsis I've ever written (9 pages) but it's a complex story and has a lot of important details that, if left out, would make everything sound confusing...or dumb.

GOOD NEWS. The Didymus Conitngency has been nominated by POD-DY MOUTH (the most popular POD reviewer) as one of the top POD books in 2005. There are 5 all together and the winner will be announced on March 22. Judging is by agents and editors. If I win I'll be sure to post about it. If I don't, I'll be sure to never mention it and pretend I never told you. Either way, it's nice to be recognized in the top 5...and if you know anything about POD books...that's a lot of books to be picked from!

-- Jeremy

Monday, February 20, 2006

While having my novel translated into multiple languages is wonderful and fun, I now know that all the paperwork involved in getting paid from overseas publishers was designed to make authors feel very very stupid. I attempted filling out forms from Italy, Germany, Japan, Spain, the UK, etc and had questions on each an every one of them. The time spent on these forms took more mental capacity than an entire week of writing! Sheesh.

On to better subjects. The POD book...wait, I haven't even given the title have I? Here it is: POD People - How I Beat The Pint-On-Demand Stigma And How You Can Too. Kind of a long subtitle but it looks good on the cover. All that to say, the first ARC is on it's way to me. I'm sure that there will be some slight modifications to make, but the books should be good to go by the first week of March! The book is being printed via POD because it seems hypocritical to pursue a traditional publisher for a book about POD publishing. My agent agreed, so POD it is.

I intend to write the first chapter of FROM THE DEEP on Wednesday. Stay tuned to see if that actually happens.

-- Jeremy

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

After days of nail biting, hair pulling and general mulling about, I have decided on a name for the new novel. It's vague...which is on purpose (the original title gave away too much and I like keeping secrets). So here it is: FROM THE DEEP.

I told you it was vague. But I made a mock book cover and it looks and reads easy on the cover. So it will do for now, or until a publisher takes it and at that point they'll probably change the title (it happens). I also finally have names for all my major characters.

Atticus Young - A father and hero of the story.
Giona Young - Daughter of Atticus and the motivation behind Atticus' actions (she's in danger).
Trevor Manfred - Good guy or bad guy? You don't know...or won't know...but I do...err, will.
And of course whatever is FROM THE DEEP (say that dramatically like a radio announcer...catchy eh?) But what it is will be kept under wraps completely. Not even on the back cover will it say. Why? Because when you find out, or figure it out, you're gonna say, "Holy crap!" That's the plan anyway.

I have yet to start writing the book but hope to start next monday. I now have about 100 pages of research printed on various topics like research vessels, scuba diving, the Gulf of Maine (this is our lacation in the story), our mystery creature (which, by the way has NEVER appeared in a work of fiction!) and other assorted topics.

This story should be great fun, and that's nice for me because I'll finish it faster that way.

I'm willing to take guesses on what the creature is. I'm will to bet no one can come up with it...but I'm also willing to bet you've all heard of it. I would guess about 90% of the world knows about this creature, if not more. Before I start laughing like Dr. Evil, I'll say goodnight.

-- Jeremy

Thursday, February 09, 2006

I am almost finished with the new POD book, which is great because the deluge of POD related e-mails continues! The book should help answer most of the questions I recieve daily and as a result, will save me tons of time (because I respond to every e-mail I get...in detail.)

Good news on the new novel. While I haven't yet decided on a title the story is starting to become ingrained in my psychi. This is good because it's really the way I write. For the next few weeks the story will start to develop in my mind. I'll see it like I'm watching a movie. Key scenes, even dialogue will become memorized (this has already happened with the opening scene.) Every waking hour that I'm not doing something that requires my full attention, I'm now day dreaming the story. This happens especially while driving, which is terrible because I sometimes am seeing more of the story than the actual road, yet somehow am still able to drive. I was driving tonight (an 1.5 hour drive) and realized I had been daydreaming the story. I then tried to remember any of the driving I had just done, even seconds before, and had no recolection. It's probably a very dangerous habit. I also tend to fall asleep while day dreaming and find the story is again the first thing on my mind in the morning. This will happen for throughout the whole process of writing the novel and this one is so cool that I'm really looking forward to seeing how this world comes together.

Once the POD book is put together and is published, which won't take long, I can give my full attnetion to the new novel and I'll be off on a literary sprint. I'm determined to finish the novel before the new child is born. At my best, with full time hours, I can write a novel in a month, but right now I have 3 hours a day at best. I'm hoping for a three month stretch, but it could extend to four given the random nature of our current lives.

-- Jeremy

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Ahhh...Saturdays. While I will be working on writing most of today, I'm starting the day off right with Pizza and Godzilla. I'm currently watching Godzilla vs. Gigan. It's wonderfully campy and makes me feel like a kid again. As a child I watched Creature Double Feature every Saturday morning until it went off the air. Few things get my imagination brewing like a Godzill flick. That's probably why my coolection is almost complete. I'm just missing one or two. My Gamera collection is coming along nicely as well.

Other interesting news (at least to me) is the addition of a Kronosaur (or Kronosuarus) tooth to my fossil collection. Kronosaurs were the largest marine reptiles that grew up to 55 feet long and had 13 foot heads. They wouldn't even have to chew you or me. But fear not, they died out with the dinosuars. It's second in my collection only to the Megalodon tooth.

As for writing news. I am still plotting the new novel and it's going well, but I've also been writing a short book on the POD (Print-on-demand) world. I'll reveal the title when it's about to be realeased. I'm being paranoid about the title, becasue I love it. I should be done writing the book in about a week and then I hope to release, via POD, on lulu.com about a week later. The reason for this book is simply because I recieve a barrage of e-mails almost daily asking for my advice about how to make a POD book successful. This book will sum up everything I know and will save me tremendous time (because I typically respond to all e-mails in detail).

-- Jeremy

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"If you like thrillers original, unpredictable and chock-full of action, you are going to love Jeremy Robinson's Chess Team. INSTINCT riveted me to my chair."
--Stephen Coonts, NY Times bestselling author of THE DISCIPLE and DEEP BLACK: ARCTIC GOLD

"Jeremy Robinson is a fresh new face in adventure writing and will make a mark in suspense for years to come."
--David Lynn Golemon, NY Times bestselling author of LEGEND and EVENT

"Instinct is a jungle fever of raw adrenaline that goes straight for the jugular."
--Thomas Greanias, NY Times bestselling author of THE ATLANTIS PROPHECY and THE PROMISED WAR


"Rocket-boosted action, brilliant speculation, and the recreation of a horror out of the mythologic past, all seamlessly blend into a rollercoaster ride of suspense and adventure."
-- James Rollins, New York Times bestselling author of THE LAST ORACLE

"PULSE contains all of the danger, treachery, and action a reader could wish for."
-- Steve Berry, New York Times bestselling author of THE CHARLEMAGNE PURSUIT

"There's nothing timid about Robinson as he drops his readers off the cliff without a parachute and somehow manages to catch us an inch or two from doom."
-- Jeff Long, New York Times bestselling author of THE DESCENT and YEAR ZERO


"Jeremy Robinson's latest is Moby Dick meets James Bond thriller with an amazing twist, offering page-turning results."
-- Steve Alten, N.Y. Times best-selling author of MEG & The LOCH

"Jeremy Robinson peers into the deep. What lurks there is timeless, yet as old as the sea. The fear that dwells in men's hearts has a face and it has come to the surface."
-- Stel Pavlou, International Bestselling author of Decipher and Gene

"Kronos was a surprisingly great read-- gripping!"
-- Rob Kall,

Antarktos Rising

"Jeremy Robinson is an original and exciting voice. [Antarktos Rising] fires on all cylinders in a smart, taut thrill."
-- Steve Berry,
New York Times bestselling author of THE VENETIAN BETRAYAL and THE CHARLEMAGNE PURSUIT

"Robinson opens a new dark continent of terror. Trespass at your own risk."
-- James Rollins, New York Times bestselling author of Black Order and The Judas Strain



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I'm a huge fan of the genre I write, and read books by the following authors like they were my Grandma Vincent's homemade chocolate bon-bons on Christmas Eve. If you're a fan of any of these authors, you'll feel right at home within the pages of my books.

jamesrollins.com - My favorite author, and my biggest supporter, James Rollins, bestselling author of BLACK ORDER and THE JUDAS STRAIN can do no wrong in my book. I've been a fan since reading SUBTERRANEAN maybe seven years ago.

prestonchild.com - Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child are the fantastic writing duo that brought us THE RELIC, DEEP STORM and BOOK OF THE DEAD. Whether they're writing together or solo, these guys don't miss.

matthewreilly.com - Matthew Reilly's novels are basically action-adventure/thrillers on speed. I love his creative and his non-stop pace. His first novel, CONTEST is not only my favorite of his, but it was also originally self-published...no wonder I like him!

stevealten.com - Steve Alten thinks big...big creatures that is. I discovered his books about two years ago and read one after the other until I ran out, finishing with THE LOCH, which I have to admit was a major inspiration (along with his MEG series) for the novel I just finished writing. I am now proud to say that I am publishing the next book in the MEG series, HELL'S AQUARIUM through my publishing company, Variance.

crichton-official.com - Not including his two most recent book, Michael Crichton is the master of science based thrillers. JURASSIC PARK, THE LOST WORLD, TIMELINE, SPHERE and PREY all rank among my favorite novels.

scottsigler.com Scott is not only a cool guy, but he also writes awesome novels. Ancestor, which I blurbed, is one of my favorite new novels. Look for his future books, INFESTED and NOCTURNAL from Crown Books.

jackdubrulbooks.com - When you're looking for action adventure novels, Jack DuBrul's character, Phillip Mercer, can't be beat. And now that DuBrul is teaming up with the granddaddy of the genre, Clive Cussler, we'll be seeing a lot more from him.

stelpavlou.com - Not only is Stel a stand up Brit and a really nice guy, but he's also written one of the finest books of the last 10 years. DECIPHER is an amazing and smart thriller.



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