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Jeremy RobinsonJeremy Robinson was born in the sometimes mysterious seacoast town of Beverly, Massachusetts. From a young age his father fostered a love for Science Fiction. He grew up on thick doses of Superman, Batman, X-men, Dr. Who, Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, Star Trek and Godzilla—creative fuel for the future.

He began his creative career as an illustrator for comic books and comic strips and worked on several small indie projects, but it wasn’t long before an epiphany struck—his art wasn’t just about creating images—it was about telling stories. Robinson switched gears to writing, first screenplays and then novels.

Robinson is the international bestselling author of more than fifty novels and novellas including XOM-B, ISLAND 731, SECONDWORLD, and the Jack Sigler thriller series. Robinson is also known as the #1 horror writer, Jeremy Bishop, author of THE SENTINEL, THE RAVEN and the controversial novel, TORMENT. His novels have been translated into twelve languages. He lives in New Hampshire with his wife, and three children.

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I have done many online and newspaper interviews, been featured in articles, interviewed on TV and on the radio. I am open and up for anything. To arrange and interview, feel free to e-mail me.

I am available for personal appearances in the states of New Hampshire, Southern Maine  and the North Shore of Massachusetts. Unless you're covering the bill...then I'll go anywhere.



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The quickest and easiest way to reach me is via e-mail. Feel free to drop me a line with any questions, comments or interview requests at: info (at)
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